Parking Automatic Door Motor Dubai

AI new doors is one of the leading ISO 9001-2015 certified company, IDA, ICC, founded in UAE with the sole purpose and objective of providing the best and most reliable sales maintenance & service support in the area of Parking garage doors. Our success is driven by our people and their dedication to producing results the best way — through working safely, performing excellently, implementing creative technology, and identifying new opportunities for sustainable growth.

What is An Automatic Door Used For?

An automatic door helps people to quickly walk through a door without the fear of opening an important door manually, which ensures that the customers will feel comfortable as soon as they move onto their premises. It would be particularly successful in addressing accessibility problems, as disabled people are ready to reach the building with ease and without complications.

Another key advantage that Parking automatic door motor Dubai can offer is its ability to save plenty of space, making it an attractive choice for smaller-sized companies. Selecting single sliding and telescopic sliding doors means there are plenty of choices to make sure you get the most out of the room available.

• Parking garage doors Dubai can also help with security management. Security staff can easily monitor the doors remotely, granting access to selective traffic or disabling the door entirely if necessary.
• Automatic sliding doors are made to the very highest quality and safety requirements, making them easy for our fully trained technicians to have and maintain once installed.
• There's a wide range of designs and systems to decide on, from swing doors to sliding doors, ensuring there's a solution that will match in with the needs of your company.

From complete operators to replacement sensors, we are ready to deliver tailor-made solutions using the world's leading manufacturers with the simplest quality goods.

The Best Doors From A Leading Brand

Sliding doors for residential garages, industrial buildings, and public places allow sophisticated entrances. AI New Door Automatic sliding doors invite you to discover the most innovative portfolio of automatic sliding doors available.

• The sliding doors are constructed from glass and other materials of superior quality. The doors fit different entrances, such as living quarters, offices, and shops.
• The key advantage of the sliding design is that zero space is used. By installing this contemporary security solution, you will be saving space and effort.

You will be bringing great elegance and openness to your commercial office spaces with glass sliding doors. There are kinds of sliding doors with us to provide various degrees of opulence, openness, anonymity, and temperature regulation.

About us

Parking automatic door motor glass sliding doors fulfill your exact height, finish, and color specifications. The doors add extra charm to the entrances, in addition to protection. Our sliding glass door portfolio comes with longer durability and a smooth sliding effect. This gives the structure's entrance a sound foundation. Automatic glass sliding doors are luxury choices for monitoring foot traffic. It constrains the movement of traffic without any manual effort.