High Speed Door Repair and Installation Dubai

We are a reputed company of High-Speed Door Repair focused on groundbreaking high-tech security solutions. Our expertise in the operation and maintenance of automatic doors and shutters is unparalleled in the industry.

Our product range spans from High-Speed Door Installation, sliding glass doors to rotating doors, and barriers to parking. We are a leading supreme industry with strong experience in the design, supply, and maintenance of the new doors and gates. Our advanced quality products feature remote control and wireless operation.

At the new or existing structures, our security shutters and doors are easily incorporated into the walls. The products serve to provide our customers with comfort, protection, security, and privacy. Things are specially built to give consumers ease of service. Users can operate the shutters either manually or with switches, automatic controls, timers, remote access controls.

We plan the process according to the needs of our customers for High-Speed Door Repair Dubai. The highly advanced technology used to design the doors and shutters saves electricity. They are highly durable and offer maximum weather resistance, including heat , humidity, and wind.

All our production facilities are designed to suit your workshop or industrial complex special needs. We also sell sophisticated glass doors for shopping centers and commercial units and revolving doors.

Contacting the door and shutter suppliers at AI New Door is your gateway to ultimate security. If it is a residential complex or a manufacturing facility, protection is a top priority. Our strong doors protect your property from illegal break-ins. Unlike conventional shutters, the ease of operation gives you superb comfort for High-Speed Door Installation Dubai.

Not only do we guarantee protection, but we also decorate your exterior with rich glass doors. We deliver elegant doors and gates, as you like. Being a professional installer, we supply your front entrance with all forms of doors and gates, as well as interiors. We also have a deep knowledge of traffic management while concentrating on safety. Our new doors are designed to monitor and handle heavy and continuous traffic for shopping malls and public places. We allow you to manage situations like jams with revolving doors.

AI New Door is an integrated entry system assisted by cutting-edge technology such as remote control and timers. We represent industrial units, structures, houses, and public bodies, with our expertise and perspectives. Our solid doors and shutters go hand in hand with our high level of traffic control, security, and alarm systems.

We are continually improving our products, realizing the value of safety and protection. With the emergence of the newest techniques, we integrate them into smart entrance enhancements. Call us for more information, and learn how to make your unit entrances smarter and better.