Garage Door Installation in Dubai

We would like to view ourselves as one of the leading & well-known companies with pleasure for Sidra garage door installation. We have been catering to the needs of consumers, consultants, contractors since 2009. We carry out repairs, regular repair of hotels, banks, management facilities, real estate firms, industrial & residential buildings, etc. Our slogan is Customer Support.

A Maple garage door installation is a vital asset to every house. Not only does it allow entering your home convenience by simply pressing a button, but it also improves your house's curb appeal. We use it for our quick exit or entry to our home every day. It protects our garage from the elements and gives our vehicles and personal belongings a safe space. So why not give your trusty door some care?


Our Sidra garage door installation Dubai ages with the passage of time, and many of its safety components can malfunction. If you don't pay attention to the garage door, you or your loved ones could be hurt by this. Daily checks and maintenance will fix any problem that would prevent needless injuries.

Saves money

If you find odd behavior on your threshold, don't wait until it's too late. Popular issues with the garage doors can be resolved easily. If you neglect them, the severity of those problems will increase, resulting in higher repair costs for Maple garage door installation Dubai.

Offers security to home

Many people, including costly adventure equipment, motorcycles, and other personal objects, store valuable things inside the garage. A garage door with a malfunctioning protection device is an open door for intruders. Daily inspections will prevent security system faults in your Dubai hill's new garage door.


Normal wear and tear will quietly damage parts of your garage door without even being noticed. Professionals may search for any internal or external harm during an inspection, which may result in a more serious decline later on. A garage door professional will ensure your door is in good shape, adding to the aesthetic and property value of your home.

Daily maintenance at the garage door normally includes:

• Squeeze nuts and bolts
• Cable lubrication, pulleys, and rollers
• Season Transition
• Fitting the door opener
• Link straightening
• Fixing the cap switches
• The entire drive mechanism is lubricated

When your garage door offers you so many benefits, then it becomes your duty to keep it in perfect shape. If you are looking for services, then get in touch with AI new door for the best assistance.