Dock Leveler Repair in Dubai

AI New Door has been manufacturing garage doors and manufacturing dock levelers to meet the growing demands for effective, safe, and economical dock loading solution. Our marketplace approach continues to be the simple business philosophy for fabricating a quality product with user safety in mind.

The continuing success of Parking dock leveler fixing dock levelers in designing, engineering, and manufacturing dock loading solutions has earned AI New Door dock levelers an excellent reputation within the materials handling industry. There is a huge shortage of locally manufactured dock levelers in the region that AI New Door did meet local demands effectively. Many customers who bought dock levelers from AI New Door have saved thousands of hours on loading and benefitted from local support.

We have engineers working who have iteratively improved design over the years by adopting the best engineering technology and processes to be used regionally in the best possible way. Here are the Dock Leveler Features:-


We have adopted CE certification standards due to the lack of standard Certified body in the Gulf and are the first and only manufacturer of CE certified dock levelers in the Middle East for Dock Leveler repair and fixing Dubai. All our dock-levelers are tested to strict standards. We are only a material handling company in the world where every dock leveler is physically tested before delivery with the live load.

GCC specifications

Most manufacturers providing Hydraulic dock repairing Dubai in the Gulf region are based outside the Gulf, where the conditions are less harsh compared to the heat and dust in the Gulf. We provide a dock leveler that has the design and materials made from materials that are resistant to heat and dust. We provide steel tanks which do not deform due to heat over time and do not contaminate the stored oil.

Durable Hydraulic System

The most important component in dock leveler is the Hydraulic dock repairing. Both the platform and hinge lip positioning ensures high reliability and low maintenance. We found that many conventional hydraulic cylinders are mounted in such a way that the cylinders are exposed to different elements when the dock leveler is in a closed position that can reduce the longevity of the cylinders in the long run. We have made the inverted cylinder that ensures the settling of dust and dirt and that heat and dust are kept away when the dock leveler is closed. Our HYPO motor is permanently made to work in conditions up to 65 C, which would fit the climate in the Middle East.

Easy Maintenance

The Dock Leveler repair and fixing is made for easy maintenance, and there is an optional support bar that supports the platform and lip during service and maintenance, so that maintenance personnel does not accidentally close these struts.

Strong construction

The frame is durable and solidly made of beams, which provide the structure's main support. We make standard Parking dock leveler fixing Dubai steel with strong and durable grade. A construction system with strong hinges is developed to prevent the leveler's moving parts from maladjusted due to grime.